About Me

About Me

My passion for programming has been the driving force behind my relentless pursuit of knowledge in the field of computer science. I am currently pursuing a dual degree program, a Bachelor of Science in Data Science at the prestigious IIT Madras, and a Bachelor of Computer Engineering with a specialization in Artificial Intelligence at Parul University.

My academic journey has not only deepened my understanding of computers but has also fueled my interests in cutting-edge technologies like machine learning and robotics. I am excited to explore the endless possibilities that these fields offer, as I continue to learn, grow, and contribute to the world of technology. Join me on this exhilarating journey of innovation and discovery!


Social Media Marketing

Humber College, Toronto

While I was pursuing my diploma at Parul University, I was presented with a fantastic opportunity to enroll in a Social Media Marketing course at Humber College in Toronto, Canada. This experience was transformative as it allowed me to immerse myself in a diverse learning environment, collaborating with students from various cultural backgrounds on group projects. Beyond the classroom, I had the chance to embrace a new culture, adapting to different tastes by temporarily leaving behind the familiarity of Gujarati cuisine and residing in the local college hostel. It was a truly enriching and unforgettable experience.

C, C++, Java, Web Designing & Android


At the age of 16, I enrolled in Aptech Computer classes to kickstart my programming journey. I delved into languages like C, C++, Java, and Web Development before discovering my passion for Android app development, prompting me to shift my focus. This transition has fueled my enthusiasm for creating user-friendly and innovative applications, and I’m excited to keep exploring and contributing to the dynamic tech landscape.

Python, IOT

Youtube, Microsoft, Coursera

During the COVID era, amidst my 10th-grade vacation, I seized the opportunity to enhance my skills and delve into the exciting fields of IoT, Robotics, and AI. My self-driven journey involved devouring knowledge from various YouTube channels and enrolling in numerous courses on Coursera. As a testament to my dedication, I successfully passed the MCA Python exam, conducted by Microsoft, further solidifying my expertise in Python and my commitment to continuous learning and growth.

BS in Data Science and Application

IIT Madras

After completing my 10th grade, I opted for a diploma program, which precluded me from taking the JEE and JEE Advanced exams. However, during my diploma pursuit, I came across an exciting opportunity: IIT Madras was offering an online BS degree program in Data Science and Application. Recognizing the value of this program, I made the decision to enroll, and I am currently actively pursuing this degree to further my education and career prospects.

Bachelor of Computer Science in AI

Parul University

I am currently on a path to a dual degree in Computer Science, a unique journey I’ve embarked upon by pursuing one degree offline and another online. For my offline degree, I choose Parul University, a decision that reflects my commitment to a well-rounded and comprehensive education in the field of Computer Science.

Diploma in CSE

Parul University

After successfully completing my 10th grade, I faced a crucial decision point where I had to choose between two paths: pursuing 11-12th grade or opting for a diploma program. After careful consideration, I decided to embark on the diploma journey. This choice was driven by my clear vision for the future, the need for ample time to upskill myself, and the pursuit of practical knowledge that couldn’t be as readily obtained through a traditional 11-12th grade education. This decision has played a pivotal role in shaping my educational and career path.



"Sangee Kids is my inaugural project in website development, focusing on creating an online platform for a kindergarten school."

"For my diploma's final year project, I decided to create the Punotify Learning Management System as a part of a website."



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